Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Maddie Karr, Silver Creek HS, Leadership Academy Student

Maddie’s goals of bringing food to our community in a ‘no-questions’ ask fashion piqued our attention when we heard about her capstone project. After meeting with Maddie and learning about her year long project, we at Longmont Food Rescue were glad to partner with her and the Silver Creek Leadership Academy.

On March 18, 2018, Maddie will be hosting the Produce in the Park March edition near Burlington Elementary. She is organizing the entire effort, from creating the marketing materials to meeting with the principal of Burlington. We’re excited to share her story with you!

{Maddie} I am a senior at Silver Creek High School, and I am a part of the Silver Creek Leadership Academy. This is a four year program that focuses upon growing 21st century skills. “The Big 6” skills that are focused upon in this program are communication, respect, vision, teamwork, ethics, as well as critical and creative thinking. All of these classes accumulate to the final senior year capstone project. It is a full year course where each of the seniors chooses a project that they are passionate about and pursue it. Each capstone project has a different format and focus. For example, there are some hosting a fundraiser for a program they care about, others teaching classes, and some people planning events.
My main purpose of my capstone project is to promote healthy eating to children and their families. Throughout the first semester, I helped out with teaching cooking classes. This semester I implemented a Little Free Pantry at Burlington Elementary School. It is a resource filled with non-perishable food items for the families to take what they want and leave what they can. Overall, it will satisfy the hunger for learning and fun.